Important Announcement regarding Prices


Over the years, our family has tried to keep our olive oil prices as low as possible. Being a direct to consumer family owned grove, we have the advantage of maintaining a top quality organic extra virgin olive oil without any additives and with full traceability. We also save our customers the markups that additional distributor and importers have to add. On the other hand, we do not command a very big volume of sales, which has an impact on paying higher fees for bottling and shipping. In the end, we can still offer a top quality product that cannot be matched for the price. In recent years, we have seen an increase in the production cost for several reasons including inflation, higher processing costs, drought and weather conditions in general. We have tried to lower margins and do anything it takes to keep our prices reasonable for everyone. However, in the past year the price of olive oil has almost doubled (see recent articles here and here). We wanted to give some advance notice to all of our customers, that we only have a few cases of our olive left at the current price. We expect those to last until about October 15 with current demand. After this supply is exhausted, prices for the olive oil will see an increase of about 20%. We will keep the prices for our other products the same. We understand this is a big increase but we made the decision of not sacrificing our quality which our customers have preferred since 2009.


The Olea Estates Family