Olive oil and allergies

With allergy season upon us, there is more scientific evidence the olive oil polyphenols can act as barriers to allergens..."olive extracts have been demonstrated to act as antihistamines by blocking histamine receptors and thereby speculated to play a role in allergy". Most recent research has shown that hydroxytyrosol, one of the major elements of the phenolic components of olive oil, can modulate an allergen-specific immune response.


Olea Gold Harvest 2017 is in!!

In the late fall and winter months we set out at dawn to pick the first olives of the season in the morning mist. As we take the fruit of a full year’s efforts to the village mill, the air is rich with the aroma of the freshly squeezed harvest. We take a break to share a story and all you can think about is grab a piece of warm bread out of the firewood oven and dip it into the flow of the deep green, unfiltered, thick, early harvest olive oil out of the spigot, then sink your teeth into an abundance of flavor that you can only experience at the time of press. We always wanted to pass on that unique experience that we look forward to every year since our young years helping in the family grove. And we did. We bottled our early harvest Olea Gold extra virgin organic olive oil right at that moment after the olives, still green, were pressed. These very few bottles are a special treat you can experience for a few months before the olive oil begins to get sweeter and milder. Try one of the Gold bottles now while fresh off the mill, close your eyes and travel with us to the valley of Sparta, listen to the village talk, indulge in the aroma and share the flavor of a truly unique olive oil.


olea gold fresh


More than olives and olive oil: our olive oil soap!

Our olive oil soap is handmade, consisting of simple ingredients (extra virgin olive oil 94%, coconut oil 6%, lye, water, propolis extract*, vitamin E), resulting to a pure soap with no chemical additives. It is dermatologically tested and appropriate for baby's skin, face and body.

In the following video you can see how we produce our olive oil soap.



*Propolis is a reddish resinous cement collected by bees from the buds of trees, used to stop up the crevices in the hives and strengthen the cells.

How to brew our Greek Mountain Tea

Olea Greek Mountain Tea is grown at high elevations of Mount Parnon. This herbal tea is naturally caffeine free. To experience the full flavor of our delicious tea, boil a handful, strain and enjoy!

Do you love lemon in your tea? Try adding our Lemon Balm herb, hand picked from the same mountain. 

To sweeten your tea, try adding a spoonful of our Greek honey (available Spring 2017).

Check out how we like to brew our mountain tea!!



Our wild mountain greek oregano and tea are in!

Our mountain tea and oregano are hand picked from the top of Mount Parnon, overlooking our olive fields. Back home, during cool winter days we remember waking up to the aroma of wild mountain tea boiling on the stove. To experience the full flavor of our delicious tea, boil and strain or simply add hot water and enjoy!

Try sprinkling our oregano on your salads. Add it in marinades to enhance the flavor of your vegetables, fish, and meat. Or simply combine it with our Olea Gold for dipping warm toasted bread. This is a favorite snack of the Chronis family!

Visit the recipes section of our website for more ways to use our oregano.

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