Olive Oil Sommelier


A six-day intense course about olive oil in NYC!! This is an excellent course and unique, on the aspect that you get instructors with vast experience in the olive oil from all around the world. With this course, the knowledge on olive oil is expanded greatly. We find this course essential for any one in olive oil production/food industry and we strongly suggest it to people that want to learn more about the “liquid gold”. Demosthenis Chronis, owner of Olea Estates, has successfully completed the full Olive Oil Sommelier Certification.


Olive Oil Sommelier

photos courtesy of Olive Oil Times



Olea Vinegar, Sea Salt, Bee-Pollen Muesli


Check out our new line of products: vinegar, sea salt and bee-pollen muesli!

Indulge yourself to the full aroma and taste of these new products!




Winter weather advisory


Try our certified organic Greek mountain tea with thyme flower honey!

Fight the cold with the warmth and bold flavor of a hot cup of tea with our lemon balm herb to give it a citrus flavor.


Olea Winter




Lagana (gr. λαγάνα) is a traditional bread made the first day of the great Lent. Check the recipe here!!





Olea Greek Mountain Tea


Our certified organic Greek mountain tea is back!!

Enjoy a hot cup of tea with our lemon balm herb to give it a citrus flavor. You like it sweet? Try it with our orange blossom or thyme flower honey.

Place your order and use coupon code 5OFFHOL for 5% off on your order!! 


Olea tea



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