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Is it safe to use extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) for cooking or frying? This is a question that we get all the time. MYTH BUSTER: research suggests that not only is safe but EVOO is considered the best oil to use!!!

Check these articles for more details and feel confident to use EVOO for all your oil needs!

article 1        article 2        article 3        article 4



Olea Spaghetti with Lamb Sausage


Olea Spaghetti with Lamb Sausage


Sunday’s dinner, Spaghetti with lamb sausage: fresh tomatoes, garlic, onion, lamb sausage from a local farm, Olea EVOO, our balsamic vinegar w/ honey, Olea sea salt, allspice, cinnamon stick, Olea oregano...yum!!!



Olea Cauliflower Rice


Olea Cauliflower Rice


Cauliflower rice with sausage and Olea organic EVOO. Recipe adopted from iowa girl eats.



Olea Kaseri Cheese Pie


Olea Kaseri Cheese Pie


Greek kaseri cheese pie, with the Olea spin!! We used our Olea Gold for evoo, and we added Olea oregano and thyme. Recipe is adopted from Akis Petretzikis!



Olea Honey with Tahini


Tahini Combo honey spread


Introducing our new honey spread, honey with tahini. A snack for any time of the day, combining the nutritional value of Olea raw honey with the healthy benefits of tahini (healthy fats, amino acids, essential vitamins and minerals, all helping to boost nutrition and regulate cholesterol and blood pressure). Comes into two tasty versions, honey spread with tahini and honey spread with tahini and strawberry.




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